Return of the Prodigal Blogger (The Sequel)

After being away from blogging for nearly two years now, today signifies the sequel to the first attempt at blogging. Hopefully I am able to maintain a more regular presence in the blog world this time around.

A lot has changed in last 2 years infact the world has changed dramatically in the last 6 months thus there is enough impetus to blog again. On personal front, have moved base to Toronto during very turbulent times which makes you think if it was a wise decision in hindsight.

The current interests which will appear as theme of my blogs in near future are:

- Start up culture and landscape in Toronto
- Financial Markets Meltdown and its consequences for Software Service Vendors. Every crisis also brings out opportunities .. the key is ability to find and tap it.
- Workflow & Process Engines and business process modeling
- Digital Rights Management and associated workflows
- Positioning ideas for Software Service Vendors

hope I keep up with this in the new year as well

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